Major funding provided by a grant from The Alevy Family, who invite you to join them in supporting our Jewish future.

Major funding provided by a grant from The Alevy Family, who invite you to join them in supporting our Jewish future.


Rabbi Bryan was born and raised in the valley. As a teenager he took summer school classes at all 3 campuses which he now works with; CSUN, Valley College, and Pierce. After YULA, he spent a year and a half in Israel studying at Yeshivat Ohr  Yerushalayim. Returning to the States, he continued his learning at Yeshivat Torah M’Tzion while attending Touro College and receiving a degree in Business Management. When not in the office, Rabbi Bryan can often be found working out or hiking in the mountains with some of the students. He is a  Rabbi who goes out to meet the students on their turf.


Sondra has lived majority of her life in Ventura County, and after graduating high school decided that San Diego would be her new home. In San Diego, Sondra pursued a Political Science degree while dancing for her university’s dance team. She was active member of her sorority, Alpha Phi, and over a decade later, her sorority sisters were in full attendance at her wedding! During Sondra’s junior year of college, she had the life-changing opportunity to study abroad at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A genuine mover and shaker, Sondra has launched many programs and opportunities for Jewish students and young professionals to gather and to create community. Sondra learned at Manhattan Jewish Experience (NYC), Aish HaTorah (Los Angeles), Bais Chana (Minnesota) and Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya (Jerusalem). She was a Birthright Israel madricha.

Always open to new experiences, Sondra has lived in British Columbia, San Francisco and New York City until her return to Southern California. Sondra’s previous employment spanned a variety of arenas: real estate development, elementary education and health care management. You can find Sondra giving Torah-based classes, practicing yoga (she is a certified yoga instructor), snowboarding and skiing or discussing sustainability and green living.

Rabbi Bryan and  Sondra could not be happier with their work.  They love meeting with students and having them over for Shabbat. If you haven’t already, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself, Rabbi Bryan is always looking for an excuse to go to Coffee Bean!